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Track Your Health with an App

Posted by on May 2, 2013

Home lights and temperature regulation, security systems, remote car starters, and even washers and dryers can now be controlled and monitored with a smartphone app. Developers are further advancing this type of remote monitoring to a whole new level with individualized and personalized healthcare tracking. Studies on weight loss have shown that one of the most consistent predictors of success and sustained effort is positive feedback. In short, if you hop on the scale and see results, you are more likely to continue watching your caloric intake or working hard at the gym.

Smartphone apps have created a whole new generation of weight loss with sustained and immediate feedback. For example, Fitbit One is a calorie-counter, sleep tracker, pedometer, and weight loss sensor all in one. By syncing it with a compatible weight scale at home, you can watch your weight go down while watching your daily step total climb up. The Nike+ FuelBand, Larklife, and Jawbone UP perform similar capabilities at various price tags.

According to many healthcare professionals, this is just the start. Future healthcare apps will likely include the capability to track blood glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol, heart rhythm, and more. As electronic medical records become more mainstream and all of the doctor’s offices in the nation rely on electronic transmission of information, it will also be possible to sync your personal smartphone app to your medical record. From there, doctors will be able to remotely monitor the stability of your hypertension or diabetes and make recommendations regarding changes in medication without needing a face-to-face office visit.

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