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Travel Vancouver Your Next Vacation: Eastern Candian Metropolis Ranked Top in 2011

Posted by on January 10, 2012

Good news for those seeking to travel Vancouver their next vacation: for the ninth year in a row, the eastern Canadian metropolis by the sea has been elected by American travel agents as the top Canadian destination. The city receives $4 billion dollars a year in tourism dollars and hosts over 8 million visitors. The recent and repeat acclamation is helpful in an economy in which Americans are saving money by skimping on family holidays or annual retreats.

Many people that have visited Vancouver claim there are a number of things that make it a popular destination. Located on the picturesque shoreline of the Pacific Ocean and shielded from volatile waves by the nearby Vancouver Island, the city remains temperate year-round. It is easy to fly in and out of the region even in the middle of winter because there isn’t usually any snow to contend with. Spring travelers enjoy the showers of pink cherry blossoms that bloom down every block. As the weather warms up through the summer, it never gets too warm. Travelers flying north to avoid sweltering temperatures in the southern states are pleasantly surprised by the fresh and cool ocean air.

On top of the climate and unparalleled opportunities for travel, Vancouver also boasts a robust community of arts and culture with many things to do every night of the week. However, it is not a cheap place to live and has the highest cost of living in the entire country. This often translates into high hotel bills. But tourists are willing to pay to enjoy their holiday by the ocean.

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