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Travel Turns Philanthropic in 2014

Posted by on February 7, 2014

Photo Of Girls Teaching In Africa On Volunteer Vacation - BlogAppeal.comIt’s always admirable to be giving of your time and money to nonprofits and other good causes. But what if you’re too busy to incorporate weekly volunteer work into your schedule or unable to make a financial contribution on a regular basis? A new trend in travel gives even the busiest people or those on a budget the opportunity to do good while taking their vacation time from work. Volunteer vacations are the newest trend to hit the travel scene, and they’re available for plenty of locations and causes within the 50 states and around the world. Here are three unique volunteer vacations that may inspire you to book your next trip soon!

1) Cleaning up National Parks
Most people agree that the National Parks are one of the United States’ greatest treasures. With government dollars being stretched in every area, sometimes park staff depend on volunteers to help keep trails clean and safe for visitors. Volunteers can come on vacation and help keep the integrity and charm of these special places intact.

2) Teaching in Africa
Teachers can recharge their batteries and put their classroom skills to use in a unique and meaningful way by joining a three- to six-week teaching program in one of a number of countries throughout Africa. Some of these programs pair travelers up with a local family so they have the opportunity to be immersed in and learn all about local culture, tradition, and cuisine, in addition to helping local kids learn critical information and skills at school.

3) Protecting Elephants in Thailand
Those who are interested in animal rights and conservation have many options to consider, including working with and protecting elephants in Thailand. Travelers may provide care to the animals, educate local people about their value, and keep their protected habitat safe and clean.

Thanks to Frontierofficial for the photo of two girls volunteering on a trip to Africa.

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