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Weight Loss Plateaus: Pushing Through

Posted by on August 22, 2012

On your journey to your ideal weight, many of us hit weight loss plateaus. It doesn’t matter how disciplined we are, plateaus happen. They happen because our body gets used to the routine. It recognizes that we are consuming a regular number of calories and certain foods. It recognizes just how often and how we exercise. If these are the causes of plateaus, the solution is easy! You need to vary your diet and exercise plan to break through.

When you’re looking through your diet journal, consider tallying up the total calories for the day. Is it pretty consistent? Do you pretty much consume the same amount of calories every day? Chances are, that’s why you’re hitting your plateau. Try mixing it up! Occasionally give your body a task like working to break down a bagel or try going raw for a day or two. By mixing it up, your body doesn’t get used to anything and is always ready for everything.

If you’re exercising, chances are you’ve gotten a routine down. When your body gets used to a certain level of activity it no longer works to lose extra weight. You need to increase the intensity of workouts in order to vary your heart rate. If you’re a runner, consider sprinting at intervals during your run. If you want, consider a walk/run routine. For weight training, try less reps with heavier weights. Always give your body a challenge!

You can also try something different. Try taking a new class at your gym that you’ve never tried. Experiment with new recipes or foods. The more variety you give your body, the more it will work to keep up with that variety.

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